Snowed In Studios

October 2015 to December 2019

At Snowed In Studios I worked as a senior software engineer, lead programmer and technical director.

I joined the studio as employee #16 and helped grow the studio to over 100 employees. When I joined Snowed In Studios the company had just shipped their independent title Windforge and was focusing on projects for clients like PBS Kids and Eidos Montreal. Throughout my time at Snowed In Studios the company focused more and more on co-development until their eventual acquisition by the external development giant Keywords Studios.

As I was often the engineering lead of multiple teams concurrently: the depth of my contributions to projects varied widely. In some cases like Rokh and Adventure Capitalist I was working almost entirely as an individual contributor while managing other teams. In other cases like Elder Scrolls Blades I would have no IC contributions and instead worked to help grow employees, improve client relationships and help the studio foster a culture of engineering excellence.

The projects I contributed to spanned web, mobile, PC and console. The majority of projects (and longest running projects) would be for AAA game studios. Examples of projects include: open world streaming tech, procedural world generation, a visual script compiler, or an AI system to simulate NPC interactions with oncoming traffic.


Below is a list of projects and studios, my contributions to each and relevant links.

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Additional jobs during this time period: